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Guinness is a dark Irish dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James's Gate, Dublin, Ireland, in 1759, It is one of the most popular beers enjoyed in Africa. Guinness is currently Owned by Diageo.


This was a landmark campaign. The first of it's kind. Pioneering a formula for influencer marketing around the time when marketers were  at the very beginning of their experimentation with the leveraging of influencers to create a deeper connection to the campaign  through platform relevant content.
What this means in simple terms, is that the traditional formula of 30-60 second TV Ad plus Billboard images for OOH was being expanded on by creating a library of social images, behind the scenes videos of the process with several different cut downs as well as mini documentaries of each of the featured cast that would be utilised on well placed influential TV slots such as MTV Base and on Social Media in order to pique interest and connect people through many different touch points back to the core message of the TV Campaign.
The campaign featured more than 50 noteworthy cast from all of Africa which proved it to be goldmine of impactful content creation opportunity.


Whilst 3 completely separate video camera teams were shooting concurrently on the 3 consecutive day video shoot over 2 x 18-hour days and 1 x 22-hour day on set - our stills camera team captured every aspect of the drama of every one of the 50+ scenes.


    + High End Photography

• Post-Production
    + Photo Editing
    + Treatment
    + Color Grade
    + Cinemagraph Editing

Creative Concept

Guinness is a uniquely black beer and proud of the fact that it’s different. Guinness drinkers also see themselves as different. They’re creative, inventive and imaginative and stand out from the crowd. Some of the featured cast included: Kenyan Fashion Model Ajuma Nasenyana, Nigerian Igbo Wrapper Phyno, Nigerian Singer Songwriter Bez Idakula, South African Fashionista and Commercial Stylist Bee Diamondhead, Cape Town Based Punk Rock Band Fruits and Veggies, Ghanaian Fashion and Music Artist Evans Steloo Kissi. Kenyan Artist Cyrus Kabiru, South African Poet and Spoken Word Artist Bukhosi Mzi Nyathi, The Pioneers of the Metal Scene in Botswana, South African Artist Sió Roi King, Ghanaian Actor Narsh Alexei Smith, Kenyan Stylist Annabel Nyongo, Nigerian Coreographer/Dancer/Acrobat Jerry Spring King, Classically trained Lion King theatre Dancer/Actor Peter James, Kenyan/Brittish Musician Octopizzo, Nigerian Photographer Lakin Ogunbanwo and Ubuntu B-Boys Break Dancing Crew.

Capturing the Stills while everything was in Motion

The real win here was that our experts worked masterfully with the video team to make sure that no second was wasted during a jam packed production schedule and mostly captured the imagery while video was rolling.


- Preproduction and production – 11 months
- Shoot - 3 extended days: 2 x 18-hour days and 1 x 22-hour day
- The postproduction process of selections and editing – 4 weeks.
- Deliverables 2500 edited and treated images


Cinemagraph content was created to optimize engagement across social channels resulting in up to 15x more engagement on content.

Behind The Scenes

The behind the scenes content was utilised to give insight into the process of creating such a landmark campaign and to connect the various influencers' existing audience in a meaningful way to the main campaign message.

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