Unseen Campaign


Campaign Content for Coronation Fund Managers #Unseen campaign.


Coronation Fund Managers is a multinational third-party fund management consultancy.


The client was looking for a fresh take on getting the attention of their audience.
This brand campaign’s task was to cut through the noise to bring the message home about what Coronation Fund stands for.

The communication needed to go out across several touchpoints:TV commercial
- Social cut-downs
- Digital Interactive Activation (click reveal)
- Billboard


The stills, video, and social collateral were all planned as part of the same production schedule to optimize the client’s budget and ensure coherence throughout the campaign.


    + Logistics
    + Location Scouting
    + Prep Styling
    + Casting - 11 Character Cast

    + Production
    + Directing
    + Photography
    + Video
    + Video

• Post-Production

    + Photo Editing
    + Color Grade
    + Video Editing

The Unseen at the Dealership.

Click here to watch the Commercial


- Preproduction and production – 2 weeks
- Shoot – 2 days
- Post prod – 1.5 weeks

The Unseen at the Races.

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Creative Concept

Utilizing a humorous perspective on culture that was born from the world of social media. A part of human nature that has been revealed through our current communication medium to illustrate the point that trust is earned. The client’s key communication.

The middle of the frame shows the social media post with captions which presents a different scene from the actual reality that is visible on the zoomed-out frame.

The Unseen Power Cycle.

Click here to watch the Commercial


- Pitching and quoting – 2 weeks
- Preproduction and production – 2,5 weeks
- Shoot – 1 week
- The postproduction process – 4 weeks.

The Unseen Yoga Challenge.

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