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What are Cinemagraphs?

Cinemagraphs are an impactful visual medium that takes the best of stills photography to combine it with video or other moving content.
Create mesmerising living photos that enable higher engagement rates on social media platforms and online.

Icon showing analytics graph to illustrate Better Performing Campaigns | Michelle Wastie Photography

Better Performing Campaigns

Social networks autoplay and loop videos making them perfect for cinemagraphs. Split tests show that cinemagraphs outperform images on click-through rates up to 5x more!

Icon showing arrow down to illustrate lower production costs with Michelle Wastie Photography in South Africa.

Lower Production Costs

Unlike traditional Long-form videos with sound, cinemagraphs are more cost effective to create and work better in a mobile-first world.

Icon showing books to illustrate enhanced story telling with Michelle Wastie Photography in South Africa.

Enhanced Storytelling

The average dwell time on a cinemagraph is up to 5x more, making them perfect for branding and marketing campaigns.

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