Content Libraries

We Specialise in Creating High Value Exclusive Lifestyle Image and Video Libraries For Brand, Corporate & Retail Clients and their Agencies.

Create an Exclusive Lifestyle Image and Video Library For Your Brand’s Corporate Communication Needs That Speaks Directly To Your Audience

You no longer need to draw images or video from the same Stock Pool as your competitors. Our Bespoke Content Library Creation Service is a solution to creating images, video and cinemagraphs for Your specific Brand Communication needs that will incorporate your Company Values and take into consideration your Target Audience.

If you already have a brief in place, our team is equipped to execute any visual content brief to the highest international standards. If you would like some assistance in developing your ideas further, we are available to assist. 

Listed below are the benefits of our team crafting a custom visual library for your brand:

Optimising existing budgets

Having the relevant visual communication tools at hand - not only optimises the existing budget spend, but also saves on resources by eliminating hours and weeks looking for images on stock platforms that may not exist.

High Production Standard -

Our expert team is able to ensure an International Quality Standard and Great Variety result - while maximising resources to create High Production Value for Your Bespoke Visual Library Solution.

CREATING value while building brand affiliation and loyalty

Created specifically for your Target Audience with easily relatable cast and scenes that feel familiar to assist in building brand affiliation and brand loyalty with ease.

Work with a specialist team with a proven track record

Achieving a high quality result with layered variety to ensure extended value and longevity to your investment.

UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVE - a bespoke solution

Unique and Exclusive Imagery for your Brand Communication needs - it fits and functions like a specially tailored solution should :)


Visual Communication that is Effective, Respectful, Relatable and Successfully Connects Your Audience to Your Brand.

Emotive Visual Content with a Real-Moment Feel.

The one language that transcends all boundaries is emotion. When creating visual content for complex markets, how we go about utilising emotion impactfully, is our secret artistry.

The Process of creating a Content Library that Connects Your Audience to Your Brand.

South Africa is home to a mix of different cultures and people. Whether you need cast represented from the Middle East, Europe, all aspects of Africa or Asia – you will have access to an impressive selection of quality cast for your project.
Step 1

Creative Direction

Share your brief or tell us what you would like to communicate and who you would like to communicate with and we will assist in the visual interpretation of your message  through the filters of your brand values.

Step 2


Once we have a clear vision, it is time to plan. Planning is creating! We’ll find the right models, locations and props to bring your unique lifestyle content library to life.

Step 3


Visual magic-making for your brand. Finally bringing your vision to life. Utilising years of expert experience and every visual tool available, we will create a value packed visual library resource for your brand communication needs.

Step 4

Post Production

The tone and colouring of your images will form part of the emotion your unique lifestyle content library evokes, to distinguish the visual identity of your brand.

Step 5


We will optimise your imagery for best performance on your chosen platform of distribution – whether it be Web, Print, Billboard, Social or Online and share it with your team in an easy to access format of your choice.

How Content Libraries have benefitted Our Clients.

If you are unable to travel to South Africa for the production, we have put together an option to tether/upload all images as they are being taken with a live video stream with comms to the team.
A talented team that cares, really makes all the difference!

“Thank you so much for guiding us through the process in finding the best way for us to communicate to our clients through our very own Exclusive Content Library. We were clear on our brand message, but did not yet know how we would go about representing our values visually to our target audience. Working with a talented team that cares really makes all the difference!”

We Love Our New Brand Images!

“We love our new Brand Images! What a great feeling to be represented and received in the market exactly in the way that we had envisioned!``

We saved a small fortune in monetary terms and other resources.

“We loved your solutions in creating an exclusive content library for our Corporate Communication needs. We have saved a small fortune and have fresh congruent imagery to enhance our brand presence in the market through every communication. We love that we can now tell a story with our images and have the option to build trust through many layers of communication with our clients. We didn't realise just how much time we would be saving having access to a content library that caters to all of our needs. Thank you to you and your team!”

Your contribution was invaluable in us meeting our targets

“Michelle's dedication to interpreting a sensitive subject matter with care and respect was key to the success of our campaign. Donations to our cause came pouring in moments after the campaign launch! Thank you Michelle - your contribution was invaluable in us meeting our targets.”

We were really proud! What a great team!

“Your translation of our brief was SPOT ON! Our client was over the moon when they were congratulated by their competitors for the success of their campaign. We were really proud! What a great team!”

Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some of the questions we have had about producing with us in South Africa. We would love to hear from you if you have any other questions.
What is the difference between MWP's Exclusive Content Library Services compared to a stock image library?

- MWP creates branded images exclusively for your brand with your brand values and target audience in mind.
- As it is curated specifically to your needs, there is an opportunity to tell stories with your images which gives your audience a more congruent experience through the communication - the golden thread that runs through the communication aids in building brand loyalty.
- As the casting is specifically done with your target audience in mind, the audience has an opportunity to relate more deeply with the content as it is appropriately representative.
- The images that you commission will never be used for any other purpose than what you intend or by any other brand other than yours.
- The look, feel, content, mood, colour, texture of the images are produced exclusively for your chosen brand communication needs for your chosen target audience to evoke the emotions, sentiment and brand affiliation of your choice.
- Bespoke communication is the most effective communication which has a direct correlation to engagement and conversion rates.

Why Would I Choose A Custom Content Library For My Brand Instead Of Utilising Stock Images/Footage?

- Access better value for your brand while optimising budget spend.
- Having the relevant visual communication tools at your fingertips ensures a quick turnaround with a great result.
- Commissioning your own image library is an investment in your brand that works out more effective on budget and time while building brand loyalty.
- Having an image/content bank that is curated and relevant to your audience & exclusive to your brand builds trust and brand loyalty through consistent and effective communication.
- Brand Discernment:  your audience will start recognising your brand by it’s unique visual identity.
- Guarantee Your Brand’s congruent visual identity.
- Utilise your images for a longer duration of time than what stock will allow at a much more reasonable cost.

What Do You Mean By Mindful Purposeful Communication?

- Your exclusive brand content bank is crafted with creative expertise as well as a keen understanding of how people consume information differently across the various marketing platforms.
- We understand how to create emotive visual communication that connects your audience to your brand and builds brand trust and loyalty.