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#GoingPlaces Campaign.


Mobicel is a phone manufacturer that focuses on the the entry level handset market.


Mobicel wanted to shift their marketing efforts to focus more on brand awareness, while retaining the direct response elements that have traditionally driven new users to their product. The purpose of this spot was to create a talking point amongst Generation X to position Mobicel as a go-to brand for the younger generation who are on the move and #Goingplaces.

  • 90 Second Brand Commercial
  • 5 x 15 Second Social Cut Downs
  • BTS video content for each Influencer to connect their audience to their journey for the brand
  • 1 x Billboard Image for each influencer to go with their illustration
  • 15 Lifestyle Image library for other print applications


We collaborated with the client to develop a concept that could naturally fuse the need to drive traffic with a compelling story and visuals. The core of the campaign strategy was to select cast who were on the cusp of making big waves in their respective spheres of influence which echoed the position of the brand.


• Creative Development

     + Concept development

• Pre-Production

     + Logistics

     + Scouting

     + Prep

     + Casting

• Production

     + Production

     + Directing

     + Photography

     + Video

• Post-Production

     + Photo Editing

     + Color Grade

     + Cinemagraph Editing

Mobicel | Michelle Wastie Photography

Creative Concept

Influencers were selected who were on an upward curve of popularity and online engagement in the following 5 categories: Music, New World Business Success driven by Social Media, Art/Illustration and Media/Broadcast. The aim was to create a piece that would represent each influencer authentically to ensure that their audiences would relate. Mobicel was the platform that brought together and celebrated this relevant local talent.

Part of creating this piece was the recording of original score between 3 artists including the best Music Producer in South Africa, Sketchy Bongo. The brand’s success and awareness was bolstered by the MTV Africa award for best African Musician to one of the featured cast Babes Wodumo after the shoot and just before the release of the campaign as well as Social media banter between influencers about the collaboration that was underway and many publications and lifestyle segments creating anticipation by reporting on the much anticipated collaboration between musicians.

Mobicel - 08 | Michelle Wastie


Our director Michelle Wastie worked with the creative team to develop the visual style and overall tone of the piece. Following that, the creative team and our production team synergised on sourcing locations, casting talent, and identifying areas to bring production design in-line with Mobicel’s branding.

Live Action Shoot

This was an extended day production shoot in 3 locations throughout Downtown Johannesburg. Some of the scenes required night shoots.

Mobicel - 13 | Michelle Wastie


Creative development, bidding, and casting took around 1.5 months. Pre-production and production took two weeks. And editing, voiceover recording, original score recording, color grading, and finishing took another 3 weeks.

Mobicel - 14 | Michelle Wastie

Campaign Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scene content of the talent for their various social profiles.

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