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We Create Exclusive Lifestyle Image and Video Libraries For Brand & Corporate Communication Across All Ethnicities and Nationalities for Brand, Corporate & Retail Clients and their Agencies   


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Content Libraries

Create an Exclusive Lifestyle Image and Video Library For Your Brand’s Corporate Communication Needs That Speaks Directly To Your Audience

You no longer need to draw images or video from the same Stock Pool as your competitors. Michelle’s Exclusive Content Library Solution creates images, video and cinemagraphs for Your specific Brand Communication needs that will incorporate your Company Values and take into consideration your Target Audience. If you already have a brief in place, our team is equipped to execute any visual content brief to the highest standards. If you would like some assistance in developing your ideas further, we are also able to assist.

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Unique And Exclusive

Unique and Exclusive Imagery for your Brand Communication needs

Brand Values In Mind

Crafted with your Brand Values in mind

Mindful Of Your Audience

Curated specifically for your Target Audience

Specialised Considered Advice

Years of Experience together with Applied Knowledge gets Your Brand the Best Result

Purposeful Communication

Visual Communication that is Effective, Respectful and Successfully Connects People to Your Brand

Tailored, Informed Approach

We consider each Brand Exercise independently and apply our Knowledge of How Information is Consumed Across Different Platforms

Creative Interpretation

Applied Creative Gusto to each Unique Brand Challenge

Extensive Research

To incorporate the Thought Patterns and Behaviours of Your Clients and what is Relevant To Them, when advising on your Brand’s Visual Brand Communication Solution


Image Libraries.


The Process of creating a Content Library that Connects Your Audience to Your Brand.


How Content Libraries have benefitted my Clients.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Michelle Wastie creates branded images exclusively for your brand with your brand values and target audience in mind. The images that you commission will never be used for any other purpose than what you intend.

The look, feel, content, mood, colour, texture of the images are produced exclusively for your chosen brand communication to your chosen target audience to evoke the emotions, sentiment and brand affiliation of your choice.

Your exclusive brand content bank is crafted with creative expertise as well as a keen understanding of how people consume information differently across the various marketing platforms. We understand how to create emotive visual communication that connects to your audience.

  • Commissioning your own image library is an investment in your brand that works out more effective on budget and time while building brand loyalty.
  • For your brand images to be curated, relevant to your audience & exclusive to your brand.
  • Brand Discernment:  your audience will start recognising your brand by it’s unique visual identity.
  • Guarantee Your Brand’s congruent visual identity.
  • Utilise your images for a longer duration of time than what stock will allow for a much more reasonable cost.

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