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Commercials Director

“As a Commercials Director when immersing myself in a brief, I focus on the core values and the purpose of the communication. Directing for me is the process whereby I create a space for the story to unfold. The exact dialogue, scenes or characters that make up the story might not yet be clear, but I feel the sentiment very strongly. I remain present in the process of the unfolding of the elements and am delighted when the details reveal themselves.

I believe in collaboration and holding a space of possibility rather than restricting the script to only one exact physical outcome. Instead, the outcome that I choose to work towards is for the message to be told in the most impactful, honest and emotive way. Being comfortable in the unknown and trusting the creative process, while firmly holding the space for the sentiment to come to life, allows for the most perfect unfolding of the details.” – Michelle Wastie

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